OnePlus Open vs Google Pixel Fold: How would these compare?

Comparing the OnePlus Open and Google Pixel Fold: A Detailed Analysis
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When comparing the OnePlus Open and the Google Pixel Fold, both offer innovative features and compelling designs. This article will delve into the specifics of their performance, displays, cameras, and price to determine how they stack up against each other.

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of smartphones often determine their appeal and durability. The OnePlus Open features a sleek, modern design with a premium finish that appeals to tech enthusiasts. It has a metal frame with glass panels that provide a robust feel in hand.

The Google Pixel Fold, on the other hand, boasts a more distinctive design language. Its sharp edges and unique hinge mechanism set it apart in the crowded foldable market. Google’s use of premium materials ensures that the Pixel Fold feels just as high-end as its competitors.

In summary, both devices exhibit superior build quality, but they cater to slightly different design philosophies. While the OnePlus Open aims for a streamlined, elegant aesthetic, the Pixel Fold prioritizes functional uniqueness and a premium feel.

Display Quality

The display is one of the most critical aspects of a smartphone, and both the OnePlus Open and Google Pixel Fold excel in this area. The OnePlus Open boasts a 7.6-inch AMOLED display with a high refresh rate of 120Hz. This makes for smooth scrolling and vibrant visuals.

The Google Pixel Fold also impresses with its 7.9-inch OLED display, offering equally vibrant colors and a refresh rate of 90Hz. While slightly lower than the OnePlus Open, the difference might not be noticeable to the average user. Both displays are capable of delivering immersive viewing experiences.

Overall, the OnePlus Open might edge out the Pixel Fold in terms of display refresh rate, but both offer exceptional quality and performance.

Camera Performance

Camera performance is another area where these foldable smartphones are expected to shine. The OnePlus Open features a triple camera setup including a 50MP main sensor, a 16MP ultra-wide sensor, and an 8MP telephoto lens. This combination allows for versatile photography options.

The Google Pixel Fold, known for its camera prowess, does not disappoint. It comes equipped with a main 48MP sensor, a 16MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 12MP telephoto lens. Additionally, Google’s software enhancements and computational photography give it an edge in many scenarios.

In conclusion, while both smartphones feature impressive camera setups, the Google Pixel Fold’s superior software integration might give it a slight advantage in producing better-quality photos.

OnePlus Open vs Google Pixel Fold: Head-to-Head Feature Comparison

Performance and Battery Life

Performance and battery life are crucial for ensuring a smooth user experience. The OnePlus Open is powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 series processor, coupled with 12GB of RAM. This ensures that the device can handle multitasking and demanding applications with ease.

The Google Pixel Fold, while also featuring top-of-the-line specs, uses Google’s custom Tensor chipset. This is paired with 12GB of RAM, ensuring smooth operation and efficient performance across various tasks. Both phones offer substantial battery life, but the OnePlus Open edges out with its slightly larger 5000mAh battery compared to the Pixel Fold’s 4800mAh battery.

In summary, both devices excel in performance and battery life, though the OnePlus Open might offer slightly better longevity owing to its larger battery.

Price and Value

Price is often a decisive factor when choosing a smartphone. The OnePlus Open is priced competitively around $1,799, positioning itself as a premium yet relatively affordable entry in the foldable market.

The Google Pixel Fold, with a price tag of approximately $1,899, reflects its top-tier features and Google’s software advantage. While more expensive, the Pixel Fold might offer better value for users who prioritize camera quality and software experience.

Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preference and specific needs, with price being a considerable deciding factor.


Both the OnePlus Open and Google Pixel Fold are remarkable foldable smartphones, each bringing unique strengths to the table. The OnePlus Open excels with its higher refresh rate display and larger battery, while the Google Pixel Fold stands out with its superior camera quality and distinctive design. Choosing between the two will largely depend on individual preferences and priorities, such as design, camera performance, and price. However, both options are solid choices, embodying the best of what foldable technology has to offer today.


1. Which phone has the better display?

Both phones have excellent displays, but the OnePlus Open has a higher refresh rate of 120Hz compared to the Pixel Fold’s 90Hz, making it slightly better for smooth scrolling and animations.

2. Which device offers better battery life?

The OnePlus Open features a slightly larger 5000mAh battery compared to the Google Pixel Fold’s 4800mAh battery, which might offer marginally better battery life.

3. Are both devices water-resistant?

Yes, both devices come with IP ratings for water and dust resistance, ensuring durability in various conditions. However, checking the specific IP rating for each device is recommended.

4. Which phone has better camera performance?

While both phones have impressive camera setups, the Google Pixel Fold benefits from Google’s advanced software and computational photography, making it the better choice for camera enthusiasts.

5. What is the price difference between the two devices?

The OnePlus Open is priced around $1,799, while the Google Pixel Fold is slightly more expensive at approximately $1,899.